Selected Publications

The 4/3 Additive Spanner Exponent is Tight

(STOC 2016 Best Student Paper, Full Version JACM 2017, Invited to HALG 2016 & SODM 2018), by Amir Abboud and Greg Bodwin

On the Structure of Unique Shortest Paths in Graphs

(SODA 2019, Invited to HALG 2019), by Greg Bodwin

An Alternate Proof of Near-Optimal Light Spanners

(SOSA 2024 Best Paper), by Greg Bodwin

Restorable Shortest Path Tiebreaking for Edge-Faulty Graphs

(PODC 2021 Best Paper, Invited to HALG 2022, Full Version JACM 2023), by Greg Bodwin and Merav Parter

Folklore Sampling is Optimal for Exact Hopsets

(FOCS 2023, invited to HALG 2024), by Greg Bodwin and Gary Hoppenworth

For a full list of publications (with arxiv links), see my google scholar